Moonlight and Magnolias

A film producer of a book adaptation might not always know the book; the screenwriter fetched in hasn’t read the book and the director is supposed to be finishing “Wizard of Oz” – the play is a bit too convincing that “Gone with the Wind” is not going to be made cos the screenplay won’t be written. 
But it’s a screwball comedy – 10 re-writes already and they have 5 days to reduce over 1000 pages to 4 hours of film – it’s fast and stressed out.

From Stage Agent

And suddenly, it’s serious – celebrating the Confederates in the nation’s civil war which the Union won? how are black slaves to be portrayed – can they ever be seen to argue back? how is violence against them to be portrayed? 2 American Jews arguably the best at what they do, but can they ever be accepted as Americans? should the movie take an opportunity to reflect the refugee crisis in Europe? and how to say whether you give a damn?
“Gone with the Wind” is to be a massive commercial and critical success, and a black actor is to be one of the Oscar winners. Yet the criticism of the film is that it was still too long and not critical enough of the Confederacy, of slavery, of marital rape and is racist. Oh, and I haven’t seen the film.

Showing at Nottingham Playhouse. See the trailer.

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