Ivon Hitchens and Space through Colour

Nice to live in Nottingham and have places like the Lakeside Arts to visit.
They have an exhibition of Ivon Hitchens paintings (“Space through Colour“), finishing on Sunday.
Ivon Hitchens is widely regarded as the outstanding English landscape painter of the 20th century and is considered to be one of the most important British painters of his generation” and is “well known for panoramic landscape paintings created from blocks of colour“.
Ah, yes, but is he any good?
I have no idea.

“Lanercost Bridge”

So I’m reduced to the age old tests – 
1) what talks about my life and 
2) would it go in the home?
2) The yellow and purple “Lanercost Bridge” goes very well with our rug and living room;

“A Shropshire Landscape”

1) “A Shropshire Landscape” is from near Bridgenorth – who would have guessed? – but has a hallmark ring of trees on top of a hill – very Shropshire (tho’ I might have said more West Shropshire).

If there are any reliable art critics out there, please let me know the correct answer.

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