Flight: Inside the container, part of an economy class airliner, with black out facility and the ability to move the seats to simulate taxing across rough concrete runways and other events. Then videos and lighting shows; and headphones for compiling sound effects.
One great joke – “the pilot requests that all babies stop crying now”.

Some emphasis on existence, told through the thought experiment of “Schrödinger’s cat“. I did a physics degree and was never keen on the notion – a quantum mechanical effect described by a classical universe.
Seems to me the concepts of we are known to exist are better explored by drawing from the world of Philosophers – indeed, part of this being what philosophy is about.

One thought on “Flight

  1. I have tried to read simple texts on quantum mechanics but to no avail. Some things only exist if they are studied? Maybe the workings of nature are beyond human comprehension? Maybe there is an answer to everything waiting to be discovered. All a bit too much.

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