Push public transport to mitigate continued closure of lanes on Clifton Bridge

It is a shame that Clifton Bridge is not going to be back to full capacity until the end of the year, although there are plans to get 3 lanes working each way earlier than that – we just don’t have a date.
One tweeter asked Lilian Greenwood MP whether Workplace Parking Levy could pay for extra “temporary” mass transport services to relieve the burden.

It is actually a good idea, in that the bigger firms’ workers who generate a lot of traffic are actually the best to organise a bigger response to mitigate traffic.
BUT, to get WPL through, we had to commit to certain levels of price for the WPL and there is no flexibility to do significantly more, since the beyond money spend on capital sums for tam and rail, the rest is already spent on buses and travel planning.  
Meantime, I hope Highways England can explore ways of support modal shift in the forthcoming months.

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