Dieter Peetz

A celebration of the life of Dieter Peetz, 1927-2019.

Born in East Prussia to Jewish parents who were both chemical engineers.
His father died when he was 8, and the family were short of money even after the long period when his single mother struggled to find work.
Keen like any child to join in, he wanted to be in the local scouts until he was taken aside to be told that he was one of the 3 children in the class who could not be in the Hitler Youth.
His family were to flee Germany in 1939.
When the time came, he joined the British Army and his language skills became useful; he was hand-cuffed to German Generals that he took to their trial at Nuremberg.

After the war, he worked for an encyclopaedia company in Glasgow, before coming down to Nottingham University where was to become a lecturer in Philosophy.
To the left in British Politics, he stood against Jack Dunnett, the local Nottingham East Labour MP in the October 1974 General Election.
I knew him during my time in Mapperley when I was seeking to be elected to the County Council, and he brought rigour to political debates at the local branch meetings.
At the celebration of his life, it was plain that he had educated and informed and entertained many with style during his life.
His grand-daughter re-told the story of his childhood that he’d published in 1990.

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