Predict and Provide but not actually plan for the future

The Nottingham Post asked did we “need a fourth bridge over the Trent?”
They announced a result of 93% in favour.
Yes, the day after we found the worst of the jams has been relieved by opening just one of the lanes going south.

No doubt those polled will express their concern too about single-use plastic (cos they’ve seen the David Attenborough programmes), and about climate change, and about providing better alternatives. But the newspaper didn’t suggest any alternatives.

We should respond to this last crisis by saying if we expand capacity for cars, commuters who use the car will decide than they can live further away and daily worsen our air quality and [undermine] our ambition to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases

So instead, let’s –
– support plans to build more homes nearer to where people work and learn; building on what’s already in the Local Plan;
– direct more gov’t resources to tackling the challenges to encouraging city living, including perceptions of schools serving the most deprived children;
– relieve traffic levels through West Bridgford by offering a tram service from the A52 east of West Bridgford;
– offer a new park & ride from the A46 / A52 junction near Bingham, through a frequent train service enabled with new points east of Bingham to allow a quick turnaround.

And next time we get sanctimonious comments like “if only people had heeded the warnings”, ask them if they took time to stand up for the climate when the Nottingham Post campaigned for another road bridge.

Notes –
1. of course, it’s only the fourth if you ignore the 2 bridges used for the tram, and for walking and cycling; the railway bridge some way to the east is also under recognised and under valued.

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