Nominating Keir Starmer for Leader of the Labour Party

Pleased to speak for Keir Starmer at the Nottingham South meeting and pleased to see my trade union, TSSA, supporting him after a membership ballot.
At the Nottingham meeting, his opening supporter explained how Left Keir was, leaving me, as a champion of what New Labour achieved, to wonder if I’d missed a step.
But the country’s politics are in a stale funk, and those that followed New Labour in the party are in a stale funk too – we do need a change cos of the errors made (e.g. too close to the City of London, not valuing public ownership enough / requiring outsourcing, not investing in council housing etc.).
There are some echoes of that in the current debate – e.g. “being. safe cannot win”, “working people in Red Wall constituencies don’t want charity” etc. of that stale funk.
I do regard having a Leader who has done something else, and something important, outside of the role of being a political representative. That as Director of Public Prosecutions, he managed 7,000 people matters. I have confidence that he will be best in handling the challenges and the opportunities that interrogation by the media brings.

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