Meadows jammed after Clifton Bridge failure

The Meadows has been hit hard by traffic trying to cross the River Trent in the afternoon rush hour using Trent Bridge.
Trying to make up for the loss of 5 lanes on a trunk road, London Road cannot cope and traffic is spreading across The Meadows jamming the alternative routes to Trent Bridge Island, and wrecking the reliability of the buses and the trams.

Specific public transport problems in The Meadows are –
– traffic blocking Meadows Way West hitting first the Toton service, and then the Clifton service at its egress from Queens Drive;
– the Navy 48 being turned into a clockwise circular service and Robin Hood way outbound no longer being served;
– The Green 11 having to be redirected once Wilford Grove is jammed;
– other NCT greens being delayed by traffic cutting across from Crocus Street and then jamming Meadows Way East.

No reason to suppose that Highways England have not found a very serious problem with the newer of the 2 Clifton bridges and that repairs could take weeks. It’s possible that one south bound lane might be released on Wednesday. That gives 3 north and 1 south instead of 4 & 4.
This apparently does not constitute an emergency but it is certainly very grave.
The only transport hope is to prioritise buses and trams so that they can take the burden; and hope others can use trains.. Meanwhile, perhaps others can walk or cycle instead, or work from home.

Looking ahead, significant plans to provides thousands of homes (in the city centre, going out east and south towards the river and near university campuses) nearer to where people work and learn are built and at various stages of development.
If we had the imagination and the drive, oh and the finance, we could extend the tram east toward the Racecourse park & ride and beyond; and the railways could provide more suburban train services, with a park & ride service from Bingham (Saxondale).

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