Losing Clifton Bridge

Southbound traffic jammed on Wilford Grove in The Meadows; rush hour trying to avoid London Road

Traffic chaos only ever tells that the way forward is to reduce the distance people travel. Be nearer to where they work or learn. So they use the car less; that they can walk or cycle if the roads are jammed.
Nottingham is going that way – more flats and students’ bedrooms planned for the city centre, Boots Island, Waterside, the north of The Meadows (arguably 4,000) and on & near to university campuses.

I can’t remember when Clifton Bridge was last totally unavailable on a working day, if ever, but the impact on the city’s traffic was dramatic. Only train passengers were unaffected – trams were delayed on those sections that share the road network (e.g. Meadows Way).
You don’t build more bridges to deal with bridge failures – cos they merely encourages people to live further away, cos they don’t make residential choices on the basis of 1 in 10,000 working day events.

What could help is building a tram route out to the east of the city centre. Daleside Road to the Racecourse, where there is a park and ride. Opportunities for tram priority might be restricted on the route, with the exception of passing through Arkwright Walk or Cattle Market (depending on which option is chosen).
More could be served if the route beyond then went south to the A52 East.
Serving park & ride is what justifies new tram routes (financially). By-passing West Bridgford, with 2 major sporting grounds and County Hall may seem counter-intuitive, but the residential area has a relatively low concentration of residents and its streets are already narrow and constrained.

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