Salop Goal Disallowed for Offside

It’s not VAR that’s wrong, it’s assuming the technology can be that accurate or that it interprets the spirit that was intended

Liverpool’s Under-23s beat Salop and it emphasises again how clubs like Liverpool have 70 time Salop’s turnover. So Klopp could comfortably decide not to use the first team, or even there reserves.
Salop’s manager didn’t defend the players after the game, so why should I?
But there was a period after Udoh coming on when we finally looked like we could be a threat. And the build-up to the disallowed goal was pacy, skilful, imaginative and high-impact – Udoh making the telling penetration. And now having seen VAR in action, it is the shock when you realise the goal is even being checked when none of the Liverpool’s players had appealed. But the video frame shows a full-back, running back to knock the ball back before the lob to Udoh, had his right foot in offside position. Yep, unlucky.
Unfortunate too, that Salop’s keeper, who’d been excellent came for a cross way out when the centre-half (being shadowed by a forward) just had to deal with it.  The resultant own goal was embarrassing.

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