Richard Jewell

The story of a man who loves the forces of justice, but struggles to sustain being an officer. As a security guard, he knows better than most to look out for unattended packages and makes others react when he finds a backpack. The backpack does carry 3 pipe bombs which explode. 1 killed, 1 died and 111 people are injured at a musical event celebrating alongside the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
But the personality and previous mis-judgements at work triggers concerns that lead to an FBI investigation and a media storm that ruins his life and his mother’s.
Richard Jewell did win out, becoming a police officer and (not shown) and being awarded $2 million in damages from the media. But even though someone else was convicted of the bombing, he never received an apology from the FBI.
He died relatively young at the age of 44.

And I went to see a film about an injustice (that I’d not heard of).
And have since found the film’s strong suggestion that a woman journalist traded sex with an FBI officer for the identity of the suspect. Fellow journalists assert the suggestion is wrongful, and the journalist can’t answer back, having died at the age of 42 from an overdose of prescribed drugs. So an injustice whilst highlighting an injustice.

The actors are great to watch, but some of the key points from the resolution in the story are told in a slightly flat style.
Wiki of movie. Guardian review of movie. Vanity Fair article on movie and treatment of Kathy Scruggs. Wiki page on Richard Jewell. Wiki on the actual bomber.

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