Holocaust Memorial Day – 2020

All who attended were asked to collect a flower and commit to an action or act of remembrance in return.
So a quick mention for Franz Jägerstätter who featured in A Hidden Life and was killed by guillotine in Austria.

Rosemary Healy, the Lord Mayor, spoke and played viola.

Other memorable points –
1. that the individual acts of bravery against holocaust, appeared as sole acts when often more were involved and needed to be involved;
2. one forgotten act by Georg Elser who tried to blow up Hitler in Munich in 1939;
3. remember the knife attack on 5 Jews in New York in December;
4. anti-Semitism in British political life has been a problem;
5. all communities must denounce anti-Semitism;
6. many Austrians are unaware even of Mauthausen-Gusen, a concentration camp in upper Austria;
7. Many groups of people dies in the Holocaust, and there are other genocides to remember; but we must always remember the mass murder of Jews.

And of course, remember Heather Heyer.

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