Salop and Grenada are 70 to 1 against

Here are the results from the forthcoming 4th round –
Shrewsbury Town £6.5m, Liverpool £455m.
Our respective turnovers.
(A factor of 70.)
Ah yes, but it’s 11 v 11 on the pitch and anything can happen. Hmmm.  

Liverpool came weeks late to the Gay Meadows in the nineties – our pitch had been waterlogged. Bob Paisley had just died and the ceremony on the pitch in a cold wind was poor. We were thrashed 4-0, which our manager described as a bit naughty.

Against these monsters of modern football, there is more a sense of dread than anticipation.
And to win the Cup, we were kinda hoping that someone else would knock Liverpool out before us.

vs Peterborough United, 5th November 2019

I have previously tried to explain how Salop have ended up with 4 Grenadan internationals (‘tho note, Wiki cite only 3 – Omar Beckles, Ollie Norburn and Aaron Pierre; others include Ro-Shawn Williams)). And that some time ago, my nephew, Thomas Miles Corbett, had bought their flag, which I was displaying at the Peterborough game.  
It now turns out that the President of the Grenadan FA is coming to the Liverpool match (FA Cup 4th round) and we’re meeting him before the match. Joy indeed.
He calls Grenadan players the SpiceBoyz.
The game is on the BBC on Sunday at teatime and we’ll be in the safe standing section (to the top left of the right hand goal as the TV cameras show it).

Friends keep suggesting a possible giant-killing. We have caused genuine shocks. Vs Everton, when we were fourth tier – the Gay Meadows was cold and muddy. Vs Manchester City, (“and what a revelation Shrewsbury have been”), when we were third tier but doing very well – the Gay Meadow was cold and hard underfoot. Vs Ipswich Town, in ’82 and ’84, when we had developed Fortress Meadows and they were regular top half of the top tier. More recently, knocking out second tier – notably Cardiff City (away), Sheffield Wednesday, Stoke City (away) and Bristol City, but not “giant-killing”. Clashes with Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool have been less pretty. So don’t bet on Salop winning – a scoreless draw is the best you might get.

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