Gushing in British politics

I wonder about what we do about gushing in British politics.
“The Nandy campaign is only just getting going and already you can feel the energy and the excitement it is building in the Party and the Country.”
Cos, like this is about someone on your own side. And if you can’t relate to what’s said, it kinda invites a rebuttal or attack.
Another example “Becky has both the brains and the brilliance … “
Yeah, hold your tongue, cos we’re talking about a front-bench representative.
Or for Richard Burgon –

OK, there are exceptions, but too often in politics, we acclaim using amps that “go to 11”.

Most insightful piece on the Labour Leadership race that I’ve seen is a Channel 4 tv interview that was broadcast on 17th, with Paul Mason and Sienna Rodgers (of LabourList).
Paul Mason makes emphatic points –
– There are 2 lefts within Labour,
— one is open, internationalist and democratic;
— the other is closed, top down, bureaucratic and not afraid to use the party machinery to get its way; imposing unsuitable candidates; they often want Lexit, or a Red Brexit; sometimes described as a Morning Star / Unite left; some even openly Stalinist;
– Jezza was poor on Skripal and national security, and his team was poor on seeing through the agreed line on a second referendum; they mis-handled repetitional attacks;
– the poverty that exists in big cities and in towns is different; the metropolitan areas are younger and there is money in those areas, whilst the towns have an older population and there is no money;
– that Momentum on its news beat Conservative central office on the reach of its social media campaign during the General Election;
– sees parallels between Keir Starmer and Alexis Tsipris, who made Greek left more professional and drop some of their doctrine; Starmer has run things and can run the country;
– Labour can’t win if a faction runs the party as a faction;
– we have to deal with “nativism”;
(not all of his posts were compelling or well made – working class life is about having an argument; we have a problem with northerners’ attitudes to Lithuanian taxi drivers);

BTW, it seems the 3 words to characterise Burgon are – pride, passion and loyalty.

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