Planning committee tour of the Southside

Assessing progress of developments and potential developments along London Road, Boots island, Queens Road, Crocus Street and Arkwright Street.

It’s 8 months since I was elected as Chair of Planning Committee and my commitments were-
be active, be Green, have better debates, drive on money that is directed to the community; value our heritage and seek better buildings.
Active: yeah, I’ve seen more committees cancelled than possibly ever; I have written on the one that have met – 2019: December; October; July; June;
Better buildings: I often rehearse a set of simplistic mantras on building design – include a proper top to a building; announce the building any its main entrance; seek detail and decoration; celebrate the use of curves and the golden ratio;
Green: just held a presentation on greener offices; “fabric first” may well become – “fabric once you’ve got function, form and sustainability rehearsed”; now looking for a special policy document to supplement the agreed Local Plan and to meet the aspiration for carbon neutrality; also looking for using green technologies to bering detail and decoration;
Value our heritage: exhorting drawing upon lessons from The Lace Market and our Victorian and Edwardian architecture;
Money to the community: are rehearsing the processes for determining affordable section 106 contributions;
Better debates: a good range of contributions at committee; also contributing at the joint committees with County and surrounding boroughs;
Also nice that the press are regularly attending committee meetings.

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