1917 (movie)

Go See.
Cos it compels and feels authentic and gives form to many types of jeopardy that messengers in the Great War British Army faced; unsignposted jeopardy around every corner.

Turns out the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry 6th (with my Dad’s Dad) might have been there or thereabouts for the attack portrayed; or could it ever have been there like that? Cos why did the messengers have to cross no mans land and German controlled areas to reach another part of the British Army?

Some of the twists are bit strange and bits of the dialogue ditto. But these criticisms are on the margins.
Wiki. Guardian.

Enjoyed a review discussion a few days on, main contentions being –
– the no cut presentation can distract if you worry about it; exhausting even; akin to a video game format and not to advantage;
– the sequence of events happening to the messengers are far-fetched (e.g. Germans bring poor shots; the waterfall and rapids); and made difficult by not giving the ad-hoc messengers red armbands to enable them to pass through the trenches faster;
– the acting was mixed; the lead was too “rabbit in the headlights”; and Cumberbatch and Firth not doing so well; indeed, why have Cumberbatch’s back to the camera as he reads the message at the very apex of the film?

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