Knife Angel

A quick search of the internet doesn’t yield stories of the statue having made a difference; just stories of where it might go next and assertions like “If the Knife Angel’s visit to Newtown stops one person from committing a violent act, it will have been worth it.” Just gotta do better.

We know knife crime has grown because of lack of proper jobs and less money in people’s pockets. The focus on being tough on the causes of crime has been lost, and losing 20,000 Police Officers across the country meant a loss of focus on being tough on crime. We halved crime in Nottingham when the right policies and spending was in place. Now, we’re going backwards.

I don’t need something ugly in The Meadows installing (as one local group has suggested) to tell local people knife crime is bad.
I could do with having a full-time Sergeant re-instated.
And action to stop the abuse of public telephone boxes.

If I was going to have a statue erected to tell people of the problems we face cos of austerity; it would highlight directing money to the world’s wealthiest, the corporations and their £8bn tax cut, and the banks and their £5bn tax cuts.
Then erect it in those parts of Nottingham city that have voted for austerity.

Meanwhile, a top Police officer has said that effective action needs more social services.
And the Guardian reports that thousands of children are not getting the help they need for mental health problems.

On 30th November, the Nottingham Post reported the Knife Angel is on its way; and now Nottingham Conservatives are demanding it happens.

One thought on “Knife Angel

  1. There is no evidence that the knife angel has any effect on knife crime levels whatsoever. Have any of the statue campaigners ever considered that, for those who are on the ‘edge’ of knife crime (young people who have witnessed a crime, associated or related to someone involved in a crime), the statue may make them believe that there’s such a problem that they need to arm themselves? That it might actually have the opposite of the intended effect?
    Nottingham knife crime levels are falling because of targeted action of both enforcement and prevention with specific cohorts of individuals.

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