Polling District and Polling Station changes for Meadows ward

Pleased to have lobbied for changes, as part of the required polling place review.
Too many people living nearer Queens Walk Community Centre had to visit Briar Court, and vice versa; new boundaries are more equi-distant.
Then with the new housing along Crocus Street and Queens Road, with more housing expected along Traffic Street, new residents deserve a new polling station. The new Meadows E polling district will have its polling station at Saffron Court.
The review even foresees creating a Meadows F Polling District for east of London Road, once the number of residents increases significantly from 150; voting would be at the County Ground.
Wasn’t quite sure which was the best polling station for Eugene Gardens and streets off – cos a case can be made for voting at QWCC, the Library or Saffron Court. For now, residents will continue to vote at the Library.

All the thorough work gone into these new districts overlooks the injustice of the new wards. Calculated using out of date assessments for numbers of voters, and ignoring significant under registration of the public.
Seems crazy now that we’ve been using data systems for so long that we cannot determine where everybody is registered to live cos we already do that for the NHS.
We could save public money by drawing on this, and give assurances to the public who doubt everyone is a legitimate resident of the UK.
Whilst this might seem like the equivalent of a national i.d. card, the difference should be that it isn’t something to be required to produce generally or when requiring health care, and is not to be ventured as a part of an anti-crime measure.

Finally, should we look to a third method of voting? People can already choose to vote at a polling station or by post. But why not over the internet, like in Estonia, where nearly 45% of residents already voted last year.
This can boost turnout, and again save on costs – cheaper than postal voting.
There are questions being asked, but Estonia has been doing it for nearly 15 years, and many people might find it more convenient.

We could automate to boost the register, and use electronic voting to boost the turnout. And save money. Meanwhile, the Conservatives merely which to suppress voting further by requiring i.d. at polling stations.

Final decision to be made at Full Council on 13th January.

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