Little Women

An earnest women persuades her four daughters to give up their glorious Christmas breakfast for a starving family down the lane, and they return to find the local “squire” has laid on an even bigger breakfast during their absence. Unusual.
This version of “Little Women” gives depth to each’s daughter’s story and strength to each’s daughter’s choices by skipping forward or back 7 years or so.
Ending stronger as the stories are shown to become the book whose story we’re watching.
It makes powerful points about what the institution of marriage represented for women 150 years ago, especially on the finances.  

I’m guessing the film works better by knowing the story before hand.
I do find these stories that talk about wealth and prospects whilst kinda skipping the world of work a bit odd.
There is a consensus that the frequent skipping to and from in time confused viewers. Perhaps why the director didn’t get short-listed for a Golden Globe. That, or as Ricky Gervais would say – the judges are sexist.
I struggled but many critics rank it as one of the top films of 2019, so who am I to say?  
Wiki. Guardian.

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