Review of 2019

The elation of our best ever council election result in The Meadows.
The dejection of the General Election result.
The hope of getting another vote on European Union membership; with marches in London in March and October; and delays to the leaving date (celebrated at a Five Leaves meeting).
Theresa May going; Boris Johnson trapped in a box and exposed on illegal actions on the prorogation of parliament. Exceeded by narrow political advantage by the SNP, narrow political advantage and incompetence by the Lib Dems and mis-reading and incompetence by leading Labour politicians who couldn’t see the people’s vote through.
Progress by campaigners warning about climate change and some pleasant meetings.
An excellent victory for UCU members who had to strike for their terms and conditions at Nottingham College.

The Meadows became its own ward.
New numbers for the progress reports – May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December; and 86 matters logged.
Progress – after 8 years – on tackling commuters abusing Bridgeway Shopping Centre car parks.
Progress on knife crime – save for 2 late incidents; but squalor and unease around the trading and the taking of drugs near the public phone boxes grew, even though another phone box was locked up. Effective action too on a bad spate of ASB and worse – once the Police were properly told.
Prolonged wet weather in the Autumn led to mulched leaves on our pavements for some time and football pitches being withdrawn from The Embankment.

(c) MyNottingham

A new memorial carrying all the names of the fallen in Notts from 1914-19 was opened. The bandstand was finally re-opened.
New council housing; new private housing, a new block of flats and block of student bedrooms. A lot more flats and bedrooms approved at Planning committee, along with the realisation that the numbers of bedrooms for students will have to be increased so much more.
Progress by OMTRA made in their campaign to conserve key features of the architecture of their streets.
A new Greener Meadows group created which can form the base for future green projects. A successful completion of Project Sensible by MOzES.

MineFest at the renewed Bandstand

Notts County FC lost their league status.
England’s football team weren’t ready for a mini-tournament.
The cricket team won the World Cup, but New Zealand’s grace in defeat shone.
The Triathlon race was ruined by high water and rain; as was Minefest; the half-marathon did not impact on local traffic this time.
Plenty of thought-provoking drama and documentaries – covered elsewhere.

Finally, remember –
a man who found a home; David Hunt; a son.

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Had logged over 2800 (check) matters as a Bridge ward councillor and now 85 (check) matters as a Meadows councillor.


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