Tired Premiership and Punditry

Chatted to a long-standing Salop fan and friend and we both found we don’t watch the Premiership.
It’s partly the terrestrial broadcasting – short highlights with no sense of how the game really pans out.
The commentating – too easily set to 11.
The manager interviews and the punditry. Little to no insight. Blaming VAR. Mourinho – once quite a wit – now managing the most profitable club’s team and blaming others’ stupidity for losing to a bottom of the table club.
The Premiership’s chance to show off at the European Cup Final was flat too. Kinda ruined by decisions whereby a cross hit a chest point blank and was deflected into an arm and a penalty was given. They should revise handball when a non-goal bound ball is deflected onto the arm.
The whinging about VAR. Some sympathy over the marginal nature of the offside decision – cos the technology is slightly out of step with reality – the precise moment of strike and the judgments against arms and feet implies a precision that isn’t there and ain’t in the spirit of being level – tolerances on the measurement should be introduced.
But don’t dismiss VAR, don’t revoke it and don’t go on about it.

Such tittle tattle.  Punditry used to be better.

I remember Brian Clough on TV, in response the total football of the Netherlands (1978 always playing for offside as a legitimate tactic to regain the ball, calling for offside to be abolished.  
Now there’s a real opinion.  
So the real challenge is not to explain how the offside rule works, but to explain why it’s needed.

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