What we coulda be doing already

A discussion worth watching is with Pat McFadden (Wolverhampton SE MP) on Channel 4 news with their political correspondent and Rory Stewart. Earnest and interruption free.

Pat MacFadden’s contention – be wary of some kind of halfway position between now and say what Tony Blair is arguing.  
A discussion has got to be had with the British public.  
And that banging on about Amazon is kinda wanting to turn the clock back.  
Rory Stewart contends that the manifesto was well written and a lot of thought had gone into it. (So the manifesto wasn’t the problem.)

Now I do think we need something along the lines of a green industrial revolution to be delivered.
Indeed, I figured something along the lines of – 
– this week, we’ll have announced emergency funds to help the NHS and avoid further redundancies in public services;
– February – an end to austerity budget and medium term plan, requiring tax avoiding businesses to pay up and taking back £5bn p.a. from the banks and £8bn p.a. from the corporations to pay for restoring public services such as police, youth and so on, with a part to tackle the need for care for all old people in need; emphasising it was paid for;  
– March – conclusion of negotiations with EU for a Customs Union Brexit, to be presented alongside Remain for a July referendum;
– April – the start proper of the Green Industrial Revolution.
… coulda worked.  

Not so much halfway as timed and costed and focussed and and purposeful and arguably understandable and memorable.  

More challenging is the notion that Jezza is not seen to be on the side of Britain. There was 14 pages of this in the Daily Mail in 2017 (terrorist) and I thought it had not hit the target, especially given the then result.
But I do think that Jezza struggled to engage people on TV, to be relaxed when under pressure. So I’m not persuaded on the patriotism argument, but will listen out for it. (BTW, Jezza trumps Burgon.)

As for where change will come from, given our founding purpose was to bring effect to the trade unions’ ambitions and aspirations through Parliament (they want to take away trade unions rights again y’know), surely there’ll be a time when the trade union membership will demand a different approach, especially when 48% of working class people voted Conservative (our share 33%).

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