Trends feel like 2017

I’ve now seen 2 comments saying being further behind helps cos it can lull Conservatives into not voting – a second order effect.  
Hmmm … 
I think I prefer first order effects of being closer to second order effects from being far behind. 
Especially after the weeks of first order mistakes our campaign has been making.  

I posted on Facebook about the polls last weekend cos I thought I was able to measure a change about a week ago.  
The opinion poll trends do feel similar to the 2017 General Election.

BTW, as for the problem with the BBC being biased (e.g. their failure to show Boris Johnson calamities (Cornwall NHS; being laughed at in debate), which ITN has shown.
But the BBC damage is done by their constant repetition of how no politicians are to be trusted, whilst they are.  
Clearly the Conservatives are telling big lies – see Private Eye editorial on the NHS for just one list; they are many others.

As for our first order mistakes, I’ll mention one – burning off party activists who gave us years and decades of conviction and effort.  

But being ambitious for the people ain’t wrong.  
And on such an ambitious set of aims, I certainly want to see us have the chance to deliver; and I’m not sure how letting a racist, sexist, posh, privileged and arrogant Prime Minister have another term is fair punishment to working people suffering from such a terrible labour market and declining public services.  

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