Woman at War

Annoyingly, the projection machine for the 6pm showing broke down, so we had to come back for the 8:30 showing. That’s nothing you say – what was it like to suffer cos 2 power stations tripped at roughly the same time recently, especially if travelling in the south-east by train?
So what to make of a film where the hero is destroying power supply networks?

A 50-year old woman resents an economic superpower sticking its nose into Iceland’s economy, smelting aluminium and covering the beautiful island with electricity supply pylons. So she destroys parts of the electricity supply network in the remote locations. A mission that prompts difficult choices as an opportunity to adopt a 4 year old girl appears and as the state’s determined use of new technology makes it clear that this woman, living anonymously in the mainstream, can very well get caught.

The film has rich characters, celebrations of neighbourhood and of living, dramatic chases. As in most films, the hero’s mood and awareness brought out by music – but in this movie, the musicians appear in shot. The film is full of Iceland, suspense and surprise. It’s an action movie – with a fantastic twist towards the end.

What it is not is a comedy – as so many pundits have proclaimed it. Not even a dry comedy. It’s pleasant. And you smile and maybe laugh at scenes of ordinary life, and the surprises. But there’s no jokes – and hallelujah to that.

The quality of the story is such, that Jodie Foster wants to star in and direct an American re-make. I’d say go see, but it might be too late. Wiki. Observer.

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