All the reviews I’ve found, treat this movie as a dull version of Bollywood. And the main premises – male seeks female cos of family pressure & cultural expectations, female suffers cos of family pressure & cultural expectations and the relationship seems too unlikely – suggests it is.
Yet this film has a riposte for each of the cliches, including a grandmother who doesn’t believe her own propaganda and the story has mature & responsible answers to the dilemmas posed, including the student just saying no when a teacher hits upon her. No dance scenes or shiny sets – instead the locations are “Thunderbirds dirty”. Universally judged as too slow, Mumbai is a city sustains the interest and the poverty is given form that educates. The final scene puts the sword to the cliches of Bollywood films – that you don’t need to see it to know how the story will pan out.
The film is not Bollywood, but contra-Bollywood. (Or am I wrong?)
Time for an equivalent Hollywood movie that does the same to superhero movies; and an equivalent reality check for British soaps. Go see and be prepared to drift through the slow story. Wiki. Guardian review.

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