England draw the Cricket World Cup final twice and then declared winners

Image and text by The Guardian

England were the clear favourites to win the final and the win probability score ran so high for their victory during the match.
So when pundits said at half-time how the New Zealand score might be good enough, it was like they were trying to keep the tension so you didn’t change channel.
The tension developed as it became clear the pitch was difficult to read and the bowling was proving difficult. Hitting singles was not enough and then England needed boundaries. And their best bowler caught one attempt – and then trod on the rope – six. Then another couple – but a run-out attempt hit the England batsmen on the bat and went for an extra 4 – six EXCEPT, turns out it should have been counted as a single and a four.
So England were able to draw; and draw again in a super over, except they had hit more boundaries so a second draw was enough to win and New Zealand were left to wonder at how unlucky they had been. And I was left to marvel at their grace, and at one of their players being known as “Lucky”.

Unlike some who want to make an anti-European point about the victory. The victory was with a captain who could have played for Ireland, and the graphic makes an interesting point of the multi-cultural nature of the team, if perhaps being a bit naughty with all the facts.

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