Full Council – July 2019

A special meeting celebrated the service and commitments of 9 retiring and retired Councillors by appointing them as Alderman and expecting them in turn to represent the city and city council at events – and more particularly do tours of The Council House.
The 9 have 199 years of service on the council between them.
I moved Glyn Jenkins, my fellow civic in 2017/18 (see comment below).

Fuller res photos are available.

A motion on LGBT rights and solidarity was agreed after amendment by Labour, who had consulted LGBT groups. The Clifton Independent leader declared he would oppose the amendment, but after a storming speech by new Councillor, Angharad Roberts, he backed down.

The first questions from the Clifton Independents saw confusion as –
– they tabled a question condemning special allowances for Councillors; in effect calling for them to receive the same allowance as the Leader and all Portfolio Holder and chairs of committees; (this differing from Ashfield Independents who have recently increased Special Responsibility Allowances);
– then they forgot to ask the question;
– when they did ask the question, they followed up by announcing they were giving their personal allowances away for local spending in Clifton East; different again from the question tabled; but omitted to ask a question, so the leader was not called to reply.
Beyond the confusion about the asking of the question, the proposal challenges one of the core values of any kind of a free society – that elected representatives are compensated for time and effort given, because it’s right and so that people of less then independent means can consider standing at all. Financial support for elected representatives was a principle first advocated by the Chartists around 200 years, and Nottingham was the only city to elect a Chartist MP.

One thought on “Full Council – July 2019

  1. DRAFT Speech for Glyn Jenkins.

    Glyn Jenkins served dutifully in his 8 years as a Councillor. He attended and acted upon constituents’ concerns.

    At the meetings we both attended, he held opinions and expressed them. He joined in.

    His greatest achievement, achieved with Cllr. Mohammed Saghir, was to be elected at all. Elected in a ward that had been Lib Dem. for four years, and covering an area represented by the Lib Dems for some 12 years or more before. To win by 600 votes was an extraordinary victory given the style of 3rd party politics.

    Not only was he re-elected, but he was there again in this year’s elections, to see Saghir re-elected and Audrey elected for the first time.

    Glyn’s interest in people, kindness with people, and patience with people (well with me – I published over 300 photos of him in a year) was demonstrated to some impact during his year as Sheriff of Nottingham. Always trusted to represent the city, to represent the city with confidence, and to represent the city well. And he did. Including when he met the Admiral in charge of the Navy, as an equal – having served the Navy as a Rating for many years.

    Born on Robin Hood Street, a Nottinghamian. And as Sheriff supported the Nottinghamshire Hospice, and the Hoodwinked Project that saw 30 odd robins on display around the city before being sold to raise funds for the Hospice.

    He also has to be confident in different ways. Our team trick was to sing the theme to the 1950’s TV series of Robin Hood to the public and audiences, often at short notice. Including in the Market Square, at the Robin Hood statue, at the university, and at the naming of HMS Trent.

    (In fact, … )

    Glyn Jenkins. Nottinghamian. Dutiful. Opinionated. Electable. Elected. Forthcoming. Interested. Kind. Patient. Confident.

    Deserving of recognition today.

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