Design for Living

An early ’30s Noel Coward play which wasn’t played in Britain until 1939 cos of concern about British censors.
Cos it focussed on a 2 men and a woman who all love each other.
Billed as a comedy, but hard to pull off when 3 of the 6 scenes feature the hurt of 3 different partners being dumped – and not without some cruelty.
Unfamiliarity with the story and the accents (yep, and I’m not always interested in the fate of the upper class) means you have to listen – and when a joke was dropped in about the cleaner’s 2nd husband having moved away to Nottingham, which was a fate much the same as the 1st husband who had died, some of the audience tittered, but the rest of us were trying to work out whether Coward had written the line and why (but he hadn’t).
Produced by Nottingham Lace Market.
Wiki. Nottingham Post. Original script.

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