Lexit cost us votes

Here it is folks.
They have gone from “stand for what you believe in” to triangulation politics …
and we’ve done it in the worst possible way – it’s cost us votes.
Cos our national Lexit (Brexit) statements has cost us votes in the areas where Brexit was stronger … 

And it’s not crossed peoples’ minds that the Labour voters who were Remain in these seats (and remember, the majority of those Labour voters in those seats were Remain) have not voted for us and not voted fro us in larger numbers.  

Just how will a May-Corbyn deal – without a reference back to the public, and with only minority support from Labour party members – just how will such a deal look like now, and look like from the future?
And remember all those speeches from the past – “comrades, we say, no compromise with the Tories”.  
Now we have – the negotiations are going well, especially on workers’ rights.

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