Another missed opportunity

The Conservatives were the big losers of the local government elections.
And Labour can win when local groups and parties think it through and work at it.  
But the opportunity to compel over the cuts to local public services and the direction of our money to corporations and banks has been missed
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The Conservatives have lost over 1300 Councillors, which even their mood setters didn’t predict. Labour lost 82.  
This against elections 4 years ago on a General Election turnout, when the Conservatives beat Labour by 2.5% points.
So how is the national share of the vote calculated to be 28% each?
Surely, the biggest losers have to be the Conservatives.  
In The Meadows, they were last.
They lost all 3 seats in Wollaton West and their only victory – in Clifton North – was narrower than expected.  
And they lost 1300 Councillors.  

The winners are the anti-politics independents.  
3 elected in Clifton East.  
Big numbers in Ashfield.
And gains across the country.  
Yet the Mansfield Mayor was lost to Labour, despite Labour losing 2 candidates.  
Labour gained in Gedling. and took Amber Valley.  
But was also set back in Derby.  

A mixed picture, kinda questioning how one simple national conclusion can be drawn. 
But there is plainly potential for local parties and councillor groups to make a difference over national trends.  

Then there’s these weird stories of places like Sunderland that voted Brexit now electing parties that advocate Remain.  

So is the story trust in the main parties? Well compared to the expenses issues of 2009, no. (And who are journalists to lecture politicians on trust.)
Then a Facebook friend says too much is read into local gov’t elections. Hey ho.

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