WoW again

Having built-up Labour’s representation in what was once the Conservative’s strongest ward through 2 by-election victories, Labour is this year seeking to win all 3 seats, building on the reputation of our existing Councillors.

The surprise this year is how hard Wollaton West Conservatives are trying to help us win.

I have now had to look up “Godwin’s law”.
“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1”.
The flaws with the law appear to be that it’s used as a premise for shutting down that discussion when –
– it was deliberately used to shut the discussion down (a tool of sabotage);
– comparison with Hitler was actually justified.  

But it seems wikipedia didn’t anticipate its use by a Nottingham Conservative who cited the law in likening Remain petitioners to Nazis as a knowing joke.  
The Conservative party didn’t anticipate it either and have suspended the Wollaton West candidate as a member.

Meanwhile, it turns out this Conservative has form – The Independent reports that when a Conservative Councillor in Wolverhampton, he described the city as having a “disproportionate number of scum”.  

Just what has the candidate got to say about Nottingham people? Perhaps he should say something before Election Day.
Nottingham Conservatives has selected him for one of the seats where they have better prospects. He should have been one of their best bets. And he still has an address in Wolverhampton, where he has signed a nomination paper for a Conservative there. This after the low opinion he’s held of Wolverhampton people.

Meanwhile, another of the Conservative candidates declares in his nomination paper that he actually has an address in Newark and Sherwood District, but not in Nottingham City.

All this before we get on to the existing Conservative Councillor’s performance, of which just one criticism is his bizarre speeches in the Council Chamber.

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