Put it to the People March

Nice to be with friends.
Nice to be with EU supporters.
Nice to do a video.
Nice to read the placards.
Nice to represent Mel Read, former MEP, on the march.

Higher res. photos available.

Transcript of a video published by “Labour for a Public Vote”
I think I’m here today cos I’m carrying this enormous grievance.
I feel bad about the way we lost the referendum.
turns out that those who won the referendum feel bad about it as well.
The only way we’re gonna sort this out – cos the MPs have all got their own values, their own convictions – they haven’t got a majority for anything – we’re going to have to have another vote. 
Whether it’s a confirmatory ballot, or a ballot with three options, I don’t know, but we need change.
And I wanted to be with the people today who want to express that view.
I hear we’re here a million strong – fantastic there’s 4 million signed the petition.
And this is for the people.


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