The Aftermath

Saw the reviews – soap drama or Mills & Boon – panned as a failed romance movie, so only went cos I was intrigued to know what the British Armed Forces might have had to deal with in post-war Hamburg. And felt rewarded. So what went wrong?
The film’s 4 leads are all characters who for various, or similar reasons, can’t really engage in interesting conversation. So it’s a bit hard to be believe narratives of falling in love, or have ever having been in love.
Again, an undue influence on cigarettes. And I know enough to know the currency they represented meant you didn’t throw a half-finished cigarette into a bucket of water.
Still, least I know why you had to be careful to be British in Hamburg after the war. And have a sense of the effort put into de-Nazi-fication.
(3 stars; e:4, s:4, p:2; wiki; Guardian – 2 stars)


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