Bohemian Rhapsody sing-along

Never went to the original showing. Queen started well for me, but became a symbol of strut and arrogance (no time for losers); and then came Sun City. Live Aid became a symbol of something else and I was glad to miss it on TV.
But I’d never been to a sing-along and the lead actor had pointed out this was a story of an immigrant and a gay man who’d been a victim too.
Turned out of the 21 people at the showing, only 2, perhaps 4, wanted to sing-along. I wonder if the rest of us was there to see if we’d misjudged the film, suspicious previously of awards for actors playing show people.
And it was kinda alright, until watching the reviews on youtube afterwards made you realise how many liberties had been taken with the truth. Warnings too of the portrayal of the gay community.
(2 stars; e:4, s:1. p:3; wiki; Guardian review – 2 stars)


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