The Oscars remain a nonsense

Of course, the Oscars remain a nonsense.
But it is a time to think and reflect on the movies that have been and think again about how we value them.
Especially since La La Land – which almost kinda won in 2016 – was just broadcast on BBC2 tv and now I’ve seen it, I’m delighted to have found this review in Cosmopolitan that set out what I think – 1 star.
Main conclusions – Isle of Dogs was the best, Bohemian Rhapsody’s success is embarrassing, Roma should have been in wider distribution, Green Book set out to entertain as well as make points.

From my end of 2018 review, this is what I picked out, skipping those that qualified for last year –
Kinda 5 stars:
Isle of Dogs, Funny Cow, Columbus, First Man
Kinda 4 stars:
Sorry to Bother you, BlacKkKlansman, Beast, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The Children Act, Apostasy, The Wife, Yardie, The Breadwinner, Sweet Country.
Since the start of 2019,
Kinda 5 stars:
Stan and Ollie,
Then kinda 4 stars:
Green Book, Colette, The Favourite, Burning, Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse, A Private War.

I guess I only have opinions on the films overall, to which I guess my film of the year was Isle of Dogs, and the films I most want to have to watch again (and again) are Columbus, Burning and Spider-Man.
Now I’ve come to value Spiderman more since I saw it – cos all these youtube videos exists to say how interesting it all is. and yet the action sequences were too fast and a the last one too cliched.
I can see why Green Book did better than If Beale Street Could Talk – cos it set out to entertain.
Can’t judge 4 of the 8 nominated films, cos I have not seen them, but might have liked to see Roma (on Netflix; and winning cinematography whilst ducking the challenge of colour).
(Can you ever forgive me? is for tonight.)
Disappointed that Bohemian Rhapsody did so well – still struggle to forgive Queen for playing Sun City, the cynicism of the Live Aid performance (when they alone were allowed to turn the sound up to 11), and the strut – yep, singing “no time for losers at awards show. Not so much editing a film as over-editing and kinda wanted First Man to win something – it was tipped for 2 sound awards.
As for acting, to an untrained eye, I keep thinking it’s going to the best part so I make no judgement.

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