The mess that politics is in

Oh, I am “tired of the mess that politics is in, and” am “impatient for change”.  
I am dismayed at the undercounting of the unemployed and the ignorance of the poverty.
I am heartily sick of the inability of what used to be called the politically correct being unable to avoid being anti-Semitic and being unable to condemn those who condone it.  

But as for being stuck in the past, I wonder if some aren’t stuck in 2007? Not a bad place to be you can argue, if you think of 4 million extra jobs, massive extra investment and spend in schools and hospitals and a whole lot of other achievements. A time of big ambition.  

But it was also a time of the cult of the new Leader. A refusal to listen when proposing to cut the 10% tax band. National re-organisations of social services because of one incident.  
It was a tad joyless – colleagues delivering change being hectored rather than celebrated.  
And it was also a model of politics broken by the massive fraud by financial services companies.  

At the moment, I rather like the scale of ambition we now have. Cos the country needs it.  
We need people doing proper jobs, through a burst of public investment and expenditure, which in time will pay for itself cos of the growth it will bring and the reductions of the cost to the public purse that poverty brings. Kinda like post 1997, but faster.  

Yes. Can do without the cult of the Leader. Can do without the personal insults in exchanges that substitute for debate. Can do without loyalty pledges. Can do without casework substituting for analysis.  
Can do without Lexit. Can do without debates on Winston Churchill with 39 days and 10 hours and 41 minutes to go.  
Can do without Lexit. Can do without the cowardice for northern seats that ignore the majority of Labour voters within those seats who voted Remain.  
Can do without Lexit. Can do without Lexit. Can do without Lexit.  

But a 21 century politics needs a real assessment of what’s wrong in the 21st century and big policies to deliver the changes needed to tackle what’s wrong.

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