Register to vote

Labour members in Nottingham city centre are encouraging people to register to vote.
One recent campaign session highlighted just how many people have moved in since the current new register was compiled.
So –

✅2019 has local elections & possible General Election and / or a possible Referendum
✅students can & should register at their term time address as well as their permanent home address
✅EU & Commonwealth citizens are now guaranteed a vote in local elections on 2nd May

Meanwhile, Broxtowe Borough Council actually volunteered to require extra i.d. for people to vote when the evidence of impersonation is minimal. (And we wonder when people say that the EU referendum was in part an expression of frustration by people who felt ignored, when for some years people have been being squeezed out. )
No doubt, the majority parties running Broxtowe Brough Council want to reduce the number of Labour supporters who vote.

And this is what is now being published to seek compensation for the new restrictions.
Money being used to make up for new, rules tackling a problem that barely exists.

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