Nuclear Power and Garden Bridges

So, made the mistake of picking a TED X talk on nuclear power, and how this particular activist had become pro-nuclear power. (No mention of the £72,000 million clean up bill for Windscale which still, no-one seems to be reacting to.) 
Ah, says the speaker, hardly anyone died as a result of Chernobyl and Fukushima. Fine, or as Tony Blair would say, all very well, but tell me which town would volunteer to have one on their doorstep?  
Think I’ve said before that I get frustrated about the complaints of £42,000 million which puts The Midlands and The North on the high speed network.  
But the latest scandal is the notion that the country will pay £24,000 million to clean up the platforms etc. from North Sea oil drilling – surely the oil companies are going to pay for that?
Then there’s Amazon etc. not paying tax.  
Meanwhile, the £54 million lost on the London Garden Bridge has made the news this week. 
This, despite Brexit – or the distractions of “was Winston Churchill a villain?” (like, don’t bite).  
Meanwhile, youtube keeps offering me more speeches on why nuclear power is the way forward. This despite future nuclear power stations planned for the UK now being dropped cos of expense. (Hinckley Point (C) next, please.) To be safe, it’s too expensive.
Final thought – £179,000 million being spent on new nuclear submarines, even though the Conservative Chair of the Defence Select Cttee said its tactical advantage is soon to be lost.

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