Bridge ward monthly report 88

CO2 towers: disappointment as tower blocks for government offices are approved for construction next to the railway station, failing completely in the standards we should expect of modern buildings when tackling climate change. And despite a resolution to full Council on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

More agreeably, student flats and private rent apartments for west of Arkwright Street are agreed, but I had to intervene when no Section 106 money was to be paid. £100,000 will not be given to the public realm – in this case, the Memorial Gardens and play equipment for Arkwright Walk.

Audit committee reviewed the risks to the City Council of a hard Brexit (on 29th March at 11pm). Chief concern being staffing care services.
Parliament debated Brexit at length and got some stick for not being able to agree on anything. Yet the decision was taken away from them and Theresa May kept trying to stretch things out. We will need to find a way of knowing what kind of Brexit people voted for and a reconciliation process as part of Brexit, or as I hope, avoiding Brexit.

Joined 3 protests this month: for the railways, for Remain and against the cuts.

Pleased to attend Nottm Central Women’s Aid at their 7th AGM.
National Holocaust Day and surprise some parts of the Left still can’t get it right on anti-Semitism.  

Films on show this month were particularly strong, as they end to be in the UK in the run-up to the BAFTAs and Oscars.
Stan & OllieColetteThe FavouriteUn Amour ImpossibleNae PasaranThe Front RunnerMary Queen of ScotsRosa LuxemburgI’m Not Running.

Salop have a new manager, but are struggling in the League. Despite this, drew with Wolves in the FA Cup after sensationally coming from 2-0 behind to win at Stoke with 3 brilliant moves in 10 minutes.

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