Unreasonable social media

“You need to know next to nothing to propagate Nazi or Soviet Jew-hating propaganda, reframed to fit today’s narrative, which spreads like wildfire, and is dangerous. But you need to know nearly everything in order to combat it.”
Rachel Riley, reported in the Jewish Chronicle.
Riley put out her opinions on anti-semitism, and had to face some fury.
Even someone as politically experienced as Owen Jones, has tried to compete on how much he is a victim of being attacked for standing against anti-Semitism (to which Riley says “I call BS” cos he’d suggested she triggers hostile responses), rather than seek common ground.

I’ve put out a modest support comment for my MP.
I’ve had to challenge in comments that suggested I was simple and used a photo of a man that suggested what a simple man might look like, then , whether land sales in The Meadows are legitimate, and now, whether I’m getting a share of land sales.  
“Not enough writers” said Siouxsie Sioux, and in the world of Facebook, we know why.

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