Review of 2018

As grateful for life as I am, and as much as I believe I am enjoying it, I am slightly perplexed to see how few shareable highlights I have from this year.  
The Christmas card, by definition is already shared.  
And with the achievements worth mentioning, generally some kind of hitch: 
– The public losing belief in Brexit but still waiting for the moment when we change; oh and all the blog entries
Labour doing well in the May polls, but only finding out at the following tea-time, by which time the media had decided we’d lost;
– The Democrats winning by 9.7 million votes, but it taking 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 10 to realise that the victory had been that good.
– Trump facing 19 criminal investigations, but all of them still in progress. 
Convening a good public meeting on knife crime, and the arrests of people who’d stabbed others in The Meadows;  but the issue itself was depressing;
– A sensational season for Salop, but with 2 Wembley defeats.
– England using young players and special teams tactics to good effect in the World Cup finals, only to chuck it away against Croatia cos of inexperience and lack of tactical nouse.

Quite a lot of the rest has been fairly grim –
* the Bridge ward being split, and the re-launch of a corrupt Parliamentary review;
* tax changes giving even more to the rich;
* people in need losing out with the roll-out of Universal Credit;
* cuts to the welfare and public services, including requiring another £25 million by Nottingham City Council;
cuts to school budgets;
* ongoing social impacts, including kids presenting problems associated with overcrowding at home, despite celebrating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I when we resolved to provide homes for heroes;
* major fire damage to Cattle Market and to Nottingham railway station;

So what to celebrate?
Lots more nice moments as a civic (see the twitter account), including telling Nottingham’s stories.
The Meadows hosted the British Triathlon mixed relay cup again;

Finally, remember –
Ken Williams, Mohammad Aslam, Tim Bell, Mohammed Ibrahim and
Stephen Hawking and
Pete Shelley, Mark E. Smith

Previous reviews:
Review of 2017 – 2016– 2015– 2014– 2013– 2012.

Have now logged over 2186 matters since becoming a Bridge ward councillor.
But will now set up a fuller progress section on this web-site cos of the split of Bridge ward into Meadows and Castle wards.

Note, there is a separate review of the year for the recreational events.

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