Pete Shelley, our teenage fiction romantic

… who has died.
Saw the Buzzcocks twice: in 1979 supported by Joy Division in Birmingham, and at Splendour in 2017 for which I am now so grateful.
And reading the tributes to Pete Shelley, and reading of his life, I kinda get that I might have missed quite a bit that was in the lyrics, as emotion-triggering as many of them were and are.

Guardian: obituary; a top ten; a relief from punk’s machismo
Strange that their highest chart hit was only no. 12, and perhaps not so strange that it’s not one of my favourites.  But the singles deserved better, 
because despite Shelley “hating modern music: disco, boogie and pop“, people now celebrate his craft of creating wonderful 3 minute pop songs.  
My mate from Gtr. Manchester back then was disappointed at the 1979 performance (trashing the drums at the end did seem odd). But seeing them last year was such a joy.  (I’d kinda wanted to introduce them as there then Lord Mayor, but was declined, and I so coulda done a better job.)  When people talk of famous people being missed, I wonder if people are really saying that we’ll miss the chance to see them perform again, could I would have regretted not seeing them.  

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