The Blue Spate

Two weeks ago, I was watching the United States 2018 elections results coming in and it was not at all clear that there had been a blue wave.  The Republicans had gained seats in the Senate and the results for the House of Representatives were not clear.
What I hadn’t realised is how long it would take to become clear.  Only by the weekend (waiting for postal votes to come in) had it become clear that the Democratic Party may indeed reach the predicted gains of 38, and now with no. 38, Utah no. 4, only just declared, means the pollsters can claim some satisfaction for their opinion measuring.  It’s possible the gains might go up to 39.
So this was not so much a wave as a major river flooding and slowly rising – a blue spate rather than a blue wave.  
Kinda similar to our local elections in May cos the order of results meant we didn’t find out how well Labour had done until after the overnight tv coverage had finished.

Looking now, the extraordinary thing is the scale of the vote – not that far shy of the turnout for a Presidential election and 33 million higher than 4 years ago.  
10.2 million more for the Republicans, wound up by the hearings to adopt a Supreme Judge and a caravan of foreigners in Mexico; 23.4 million more for the Democratic Party wound up by loss of health services and wanting to enable the House to veto Donald Trump’s policies.
There are disappointments. But Florida could have been won if 1.2 million voters weren’t disqualified cos of previous criminal records.  Georgia could have been won but for voter suppression by the Republican candidate for Governor.  
A big turnout by women, more women candidates and winners, and new ethnic minority faces.   

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