Changing the Manager

Way too pre-occupied.  
Took me 24 hours to find out Salop had sacked John Askey.
I was sorry to hear the news, cos family had said what a nice guy he is. 
Also, cos managers tend to need time to make a difference.  Yet something like 15 managers have gone this season, including John’s predecessor (sacked by Ipswich) and successor at Macclesfield.  
It also appears that John Askey had done well with players signed (in the circumstances).
And I hate the social media – gave up on one Salop fans’ facebook account.  Insight based purely on the level of ‘sack the manager’ and ‘must try harder’. 
My hunch though is management gave up on Askey cos he kept saying he got the first team selection wrong and they perceived problems in team motivation, fed perhaps by one of the worst tv interview styles around.  

So salutary to find that a team with only 3 wins, then gets 2 on the trot straight away under the temporary leadership of the goalkeeping approach.   Again, superstition is that this is what happens, followed by another that predicts 6 defeats on the trot if then appointed. 
But the nephew was motivated to attend the Salford game on the basis of the new spirit.  I was able to listen to BBC Radio 5 Live.  A game where money was said to be against us, and instead a convincing victory with one kinda wonder goal.  The photo of celebrations of the final goal captures the nephew’s guilt in getting the goal scorer booked.

As for who next, who knows? 
I was up for Paul Hurst coming back, but what do I know?  There’s a story that he cleared his office before the game at Wembley that was to decide Salop’s future.  He would have been good for Notts County I am sure, but that’s fallen through.  I wonder if he’s on his way to Sheffield Wednesday. 

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