The Madness of George III

20181116 193000 madness of king george iii nottm playhouse mb1460h Screenshot 2018-11-17Celebrity comes to the Nottingham Playhouse.
Mark Gatiss, Sherlock’s elder brother, and so many others.
And another Alan Bennett play.
Has already received many good reviews (e.g. The Guardian).
The three doctors with the focus on blistering, checking pulses and checking stools are a riot but it’s been interesting to see modern times media focus on the idea that this was an example of Porphyria when medicine only ventured that it was worth considering and may have been a case of mania. To which you wonder if Dr. Willis knew that it would pass with time and discipline. And the madness came back 12 years later, and again, uncured for the last 10 years of his life.
The play works hard to set out why the King was important to government and I just wonder if the delivery in the first half needs a bit more soft and loud, and a little less ‘let’s get through it’.  The stage changing is great.


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