Sausages in Berlin for teatime

“Leaving the European Union is the most fantastic opportunity for the United Kingdom. It means we can have the opportunity of setting  lower tariffs, cheaper food, clothing and footwear, helping the least well-off in our society the most.  The opportunity is being thrown away.  If you look at the deal, our tariffs will be set by the European Union and it will be illegal for us to offer lower tariffs.”

Rees-Mogg continues the Brexit idea that it’s good for Britain with the potential for lots of new lower tariff  trade deals.
Any new deals will not match the sheer scale of what we already have with the EU, and the single market means no tariffs.

“Because if we vote Leave, then we are in a position to dictate the terms in Britain’s economic interests.”

Brexiters are ignoring how hard deals are to reach – during the referendum, Gove said we’d have the upper hand in negotiating a deal with the EU – a kinda 21st century version of “on with the charge and we’ll be sucking sausage in Berlin by teatime!”; instead we could be consigned to the trenches for another 21 months (and we’ve been there 29 months already).

I’m sure it’s true that deals can be faster if for example we say to the USA that we don’t mind eating their chlorinated chicken.

Whatever the arguments are about tactics, we must keep explaining why Remain is the best way forward.

Cos Remain would win a next referendum (Channel 4 survey), and Remain\s support is slightly suppressed by the “let’s just get on with it” mentality.

Cos May announced there are three options –
– the deal;  (which is Brexit, despite what no dealers say);
– no deal Brexit;
– remaining in the European Union.

(She didn’t mention a new Labour minority gov’t negotiating a better deal.   Hmmmm.  Seems Corbyn and MacDonnell like sausage in Berlin too.)

20181115 163400 gb2422h guardian parliamentary voting blocks on theresa may eu deal

The Guardian helpfully publishes a guide to the voting blocks.
(A few more groupings might have been useful, cos I think there is actually a majority for Remain in Parliament.)

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