Remembrance prayers for those who govern

20181111 105719 ab0400h remembrance sunday service james stapleton_Fotor_Fotor

That we pray for the peace of the world and for the relief of suffering at such events might seem obvious.
But always struck that we then for those “who bear responsibility for government.”
As if it was dropped upon us when in so many cases, we have gone out and sought it.

Still, sympathy for this having to deal with Brexit, eh?
Except, Theresa May is Prime Minister because of the vote for leaving the European Union, and because despite believing we should stay in the European Union, kept a low profile rather than trying to change the public’s mind.
And as became clear in 2017, she she needed the practice.

Little sympathy from The Observer today, who in commenting on the latest ministerial resignation, the 14th under May,  say this –
“Brexiters claim that the bad faith and incompetence of May and her fifth-columnist civil service negotiators are the cause. The reality is that Britain’s position was incoherent from the start – simultaneously wanting the benefits of EU membership even while leaving. Moreover, a country of 65 million people is simply weaker than the EU of 450 million, which is doing no more than properly protecting its interests. Brexiter promises of easy trade deals and all the rest, as [the resigning minister] ruthlessly exposes, were fantastical lies.
“The result, as [the resigning minister] writes, is that the country faces the choice of either the chaos of a no deal – risking depression, food and medical shortages and the collapse of the Dover-Calais transport link – or mitigating that debacle by never-ending “vassalage” to EU regulations in a customs union and single market from which we dare not depart because of the economic damage. We will accept EU rules, make contributions to its budget, but play no part in making them.” 

A colleague today has tweeted the passage where Michael Gove said “because if we vote Leave, then we’re in a position to dictate the terms in Britain’s economic interest.”  

Meanwhile, Nottingham City Council is to take a report on Brexit at full Council, to set out how we should get already as possible for the consequences for Nottingham of Brexit.

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