I’m the wrong person to review this play, broadcast to the cinema as an as-live production.  I find Alan Bennett’s humour too twee and so I defer to reviews from The Guardian and the New Statesman.
Certainly interesting watching a focussed on geriatric wards Monday afternoon. shown in a theatre full of retired people.
(r:5; e:3; s:2; t:3)
The political messages are confused.  A smaller hospital is better because its local, but a major incident is discovered because no-one was looking for the right things.  Targets encourages inhumanity but having more performance data should have triggered a discovery.
The play misses the big issues.  Hospitals entering black status more frequently cos funding ain’t growing with the need of an older society, cuts in public health and social services, less regular work and proper pay for working class families leading to more problems at home.  And perhaps education not doing enough to set young people up for life.  100,000 posts in the NHS not filled cos of poor planning for training.

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