Killing Joke

20181102 205520 ac0300h rock city killing joke Fotor
You just want to move.  Great sound.  Distinctive.  Some real favourites.
Never properly seen Killing Joke.  Witnessed just one song when they played at a CND rally in Trafalger Square back in 1981 (our coach was ready to leave).
Eighties ; Requiem ; Follow the Leaders ; Butcher ; The Wait ; Pssyche ; Love Like Blood ; Wardance  Yet slightly surprised that I didn’t know more their set.  And of course I wanted s036 and New Day, but it was obvious that the fans knew all of the songs and loved the ones I didn’t know.
Pleased to hear the passion for the environment from the singer, but suspect the politics aren’t great, especially if people are asked not to vote.
Good to see old friends.

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