Bridge ward monthly report 85

Have sought to keep writing up progress reports this month: today (below), 20181031 230831 ab0259h home budgie style pumpkin_Fotorlast week (on parks)mid-month, and at Area 8.
The AGM of Meadows Advice Group, following on from a depressing Conservative gov’t budget statement, underlined that under the surface, people are struggling – low incomes, low or no social security.
More and more difficult housing cases are coming through.

And then the tragedy of 11 Jews shot in their synagogue as reprisal for asking people to welcome a caravan of poor people from Mexico who are seeking relief from poverty and no hope.  Shot cos Trump has been frightening people about immigrants, even by suggesting people born in the USA should have their constitutional rights revoked by his own order.  The fear is that the USA will fail the challenge.
Peanuts satire on trumo and brexit 45198400_10156944318682873_5569949902848393216_o
An expected (by some) deal with the EU fell through, but even if one is agreed in November, it’s no longer a deal, it’s a divorce bill – with no arrangement for future trading. Hence assessing the challenges of Brexit to Nottingham and attending meetings on Brexit, elsewhere a campaign stall for Remain in Hockley.

On brighter notes, Goose Fair!
We enjoyed the AMCG food festival, a celebration of local artists, a church raising funds for Macmillan’s nurses, Halloween art and black history awards.
FoML held their AGM.
I enjoyed showing some Kenyan visitors around the city centre, but not sure they did after 5 hours.
Jess Phillips came to Nottingham.
Progress on bringing County House back to life.
A visit to the Atrium to view magistrates in action.
Films: Columbus celebrated architecture and caring; First Man celebrated the first landing of man on the moon with being celebratory; other good films – Les Gardiennes, The Wife, and Peterloo; the documentary Science Fair prompted thoughts about how to excite young people about science.
Plays: you wait your whole life for plays from Nigeria and then 2 come in 2 days – New Nigerians and The Fisherman; also Kindertransport.
Oh, and finally got to see Salop 2018/19.  Good game, but tired of facile football analysis – i.e. sack the manager.  Was actually sorry for former Salop manager who lost his job at Ipswich, despite the late pre-season chaos he caused us.

Latest bits of local news:
* Police recently executed 3 search warrants, ad made 3 arrests.
* Move to London Road fire station has not quite happened. v
* Keepmoat and the city council have reached an agreement on bringing Arkwright Walk up to standard; so more houses will be made available for sale soon;
* a retractable bollard will replace an existing bollard to allow service vehicles to access Bridgeway shopping centre from the south-east car park;
* designs for the 21 flats at Meadows Police station are near completion.

Kinda realised that I’ve now done 25 years service as a local Councillor, and found it difficult to pick out real individual achievements.
Finally, we remembered the life and the contributions of former Councillor Tim Bell.


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